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Friendly, affordable and approachable.

Our team of friendly staff are here to provide the best healthcare for your furry friends to ensure their happiness and comfort. We offer a comprehensive list of services that focus on prevention, decisive action and deliver you with top-quality care.

We are not taking on any new clients at the moment but keep an eye out on our website as this might be subject to change. 

We are proud to have served the pets and pet-owners of Prudhoe for the past 20 years and our reviews can testify for the first class experience your pets will have with us. 

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Proactive and Positive

At Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates, we know you want the best healthcare for your pets. By scheduling regular health checks and wellness exams we can prevent problems before they occur.


From pet nutrition to flea treatments and regular check-ups, we're here to ensure your pet's life quality. 

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Led by Experience

Does your pet require surgical intervention? Diagnostics to find the root cause of their health problem? Want to neuter your pets?

Our team is highly experienced and well-qualified to perform a wide range of veterinary work you may need from dentistry to neutering.


All rooms in our surgery maintain a high standard of cleanliness to make your pet's visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Give us a call and book your appointment at Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates today.

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Updated for Post Brexit

Thinking of traveling abroad with your pet?


You will need an Animal Health Certificate (AHC) following Brexit rule changes for travel documents. If you need a new AHC, get in touch with us at Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates. We will assist you through the process. This service is only offered to our existing customers.

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Keep Your Pets Safe

Secure your pets with our quality micro-chipping services at Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates. In England, dog-owners must ensure their dogs are fitted with a microchip by the time they are 8 weeks old to avoid a fine. Horse-owners must also microchip their horses.


However, microchips are not only for dogs! Consider getting your other pets micro-chipped to ensure their safety so that they can be returned to you if they are lost or stolen. The process is fast, easy and can be done without anaesthesia. Contact our trained and experienced team to book your pet in for a micro-chipping today.

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Complementary Therapy

Is your pet suffering from chronic pain?  Do they have medical conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy or heart, liver, and urogenital diseases? 

At Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates, Jim specialises in and accepts referrals for veterinary acupuncture. Acupuncture could be a treatment offered on its own or in conjunction with other medical treatments. Each animal is unique and one may not respond like the other, but acupuncture could be a great option to relieve some of the pain from our furry companions that suffer from chronic pain. To make an appointment with Jim to discuss whether your pets would benefit from acupuncture, contact us today.

For veterinarian services in Prudhoe, call Jim McLellan MRCVS & Associates today on 01661 830022 to book your appointment.


5-7 Dukes Court  Prudhoe NE42 6DA

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